Production Quantities - previous post high jacked by seat belts.

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Production Quantities - previous post high jacked by seat belts.


Post by twbremner » 30 Dec 2017, 15:41

Good Day All,

My Father is a cougar fanatic and has asked me to pose this question to the group.

He was recently reading "The Big Book of Cougars" - and was reading about production numbers for 1968 and it listed only one in base cougar that had a 390 6.5l.

My father was an original owner of the following car back in '68 when he bought it new it had the following specs - unfortunately we do not have the vin. We're curious of the production quantities matching these specs - was his a one of one car or?

- 1968 Base model cougar
- Am Radio
- Dan Gurney Dress Package
- 4 wheel drum brake
- With center console
- Solid Green Exterior with black leather interior
- 4 Speed
- Power Steering
- Bought in Danbury, CT - Brag Motors (out of business)

Note he did not order the car it was on the lot this way.

Thank You,
Tom & Theo
New Milford, CT

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Re: Production Quantities - previous post high jacked by seat belts.


Post by xr7g428 » 30 Dec 2017, 16:01

The only way to find your answer is to pay Marti Auto Works to do the research. They are licensed by Ford to do this and they have access to the production records.

There were a lot of Cougars with the 390. There were actually two versions, the S code 4 barrell, and the X code 2 barrel. None of the X codes came with a 4 speed so that narrows things down a bit. Being a standard (not XR-7) also narrows the scope. Going by the Cougar by The Numbers book it looks like his was one of 507. Beyond that you will need a Marti Report.

Since you know the selling dealers name, the best way to approach this would be to see if Marti can find a Cougar that meets your description that was shipped to that dealer. If so he can provide the VIN and you can see how it was actually equipped. For example, you list leather interior, but that was not available on the Standard Cougar. With the VIN Marti can also really tell you precisely how many were built with the same options.
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Re: Production Quantities - previous post high jacked by seat belts.


Post by TomL » 31 Dec 2017, 09:07

You listed your father's '68 as a base model with leather interior.
Leather seats was only available with the XR7 model. Possibly it was black vinyl interior?
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