Fact OR FAKE .... Are we at risk yet ????

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Re: Fact OR FAKE .... Are we at risk yet ????


Post by Midlife » 06 Dec 2017, 06:07

Marti Reports help immensely to separate the real from the fakes.

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Re: Fact OR FAKE .... Are we at risk yet ????


Post by 428cougarguy » 20 Dec 2017, 23:04

Not always! Marti reports do help to reduce fraud, primarily to document what a specific car really is, i.e. the factory colors, the options, etc. Where a Marti report doesn't help, is if the car in question is actually the car or VIN # the owner is claiming it is. Re-body of cars is very common, which typically includes changing the door, dash and buck tag VINs. Sometimes the body swapping also includes altering the shock tower VIN stampings as well (or at a minimum they are ground off entirely). I personally know of a $100K+ Mustang that was sold at Barrett-Jackson, that was Marti Report certified by Barrett-Jackson as the "real deal", only to find out later on that the car in question was a re-body from another Mustang of the same year. So how can you prevent this? It isn't easy, but here are a few tips. #1 - Check the shock tower VIN #s. If they are missing, incorrect or altered - WALK AWAY. #2 - Check the factory cut body holes. If the Marti report says the car does NOT have AC, but you see AC holes in the firewall, that is a warning sign. If the door or kick panels are cut for speakers, but the Marti report shows AM radio only, that could be another sign. #3 - Check the paint color in the hidden areas of the car, such as the floor pans, under the dash, trunk area, etc. If the Marti report says the car was originally Blue, but you see yellow, orange, or green paint in those areas, that could be a sign. It is easy to paint the outside of the car. Not so easy to paint all the hidden areas.

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