Is there a demand for 67-68 Cougar roofs/cowls?

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Is there a demand for 67-68 Cougar roofs/cowls?


Post by skinnedknuckles » 06 Jul 2019, 06:25

I cut the roof, rear quarter panel and cowls off my donor car because they are in very good condition and I'd like to support the legacy of the Cougar. I don't really need the "market price" for them but would like to be compensated for shipping and somewhat for the time and hassle I've invested. I've posted the items on the "67-68 Parts for Sale" forum buy haven't had any replies. I think I would eventually find a buyer for the rear quarter panel but I am wondering about the other 2 items. Does anybody ever need a replacement roof? And since the fit and abundance of Mustang cowls are so high I'm wondering if I'll ever sell that too. The guy with the scrap truck is coming next week and I'm beginning to think I should throw the roof and cowls on with everything else. My storage space is very limited and I don't want to push these items around the garage for 2 years only to call the scrap guy again to come pick them up. What do you think?
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Re: Is there a demand for 67-68 Cougar roofs/cowls?


Post by propayne » 06 Jul 2019, 06:42

Hard to say when the timing is right for someone doing a restoration that requires those pieces.

Dynacorn offers brand new roof skins and rear quarter panels - so that my have a effect.

- Phillip

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