Wanted! 69 complete grille to paint black

List your parts needs here! Please include your location and contact information.
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Don Rush
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Wanted! 69 complete grille to paint black


Post by Don Rush » 04 Sep 2018, 14:35

I have a customer that wants a grade A grille that is not pitted or cracked but has sanded or dull / spider webbed chrome as he is painting it black. Maybe you have some or all of the grille you want to trade in for parts with good chrome? 503-463-1130

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Re: Wanted! 69 complete grille to paint black


Post by ccarney69 » 05 Sep 2018, 09:38

I have three complete 69 grills that are still completely assembled. I can send you detailed pictures to your cell phone which I have the number already. One is designated as a core for a re-chrome grill from your website, I just haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet.
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Re: Wanted! 69 complete grille to paint black


Post by fecats » 11 Sep 2018, 20:02

I have a couple of complete grills that match that description.I would have considered sending them for store credit but that did mot work so well for me last time.I sent a hood template back in January and was assured i would receive store credit but have not.
I spent time cutting it the way you wanted,carefully packed,paid shipping and received nothing.
Sent a couple of messages with no replies.
Not good!!

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