1972 Q code 4 speed car with air

List your parts needs here! Please include your location and contact information.
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1972 Q code 4 speed car with air


Post by gs4554speed » 08 Jan 2019, 15:52

hi ... I just bought this 1972 XR7 Q code 351 car with 4 speed and air and am/fm 8 track and posi rearend ....I am looking for parts ..I've decided to restore it since I've got the build sheet and believe this is a pretty rare car ...how rare , I don't know ..but I'm guessing not many were made ...if you can help me locate parts I'd appreciate any help ..the dash pad is horrible and not usable in any way , the door panels are horrible but I can use the trim on them ... my front left fender is beat up and I'd rather replace it with a good one ...both pillar emblems are junk and I'd like some nice ones ...any ways , if you can help out please contact me at : twilight3313@msn.com my name is Richard

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Re: 1972 Q code 4 speed car with air


Post by badcatt » 08 Jan 2019, 17:22

According to "Cougar, by the Numbers", there were 66 Standard hard tops with the "Q" code and 4 speeds. but he did not state how many 72 GT's were built. It will be a rare combination. I would recommend getting the expensive Elite report. It will brake it down much further then anybody can using the book.
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Re: 1972 Q code 4 speed car with air


Post by CATHOUSE » 08 Jan 2019, 20:42

It would be a help if you were to provide your location as there may be someone close to you with parts. I do have a couple of dash pads that are usable and several fenders. I would need to see what I have on hand for the pillar emblems. I am located in PA, very close to Hershey.

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