Getting out of Cougars...

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Re: Getting out of Cougars...


Post by 1969XR7Vert »

I could use another 351C block for a spare, have anything already out and/or apart Milo?
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Re: Getting out of Cougars...


Post by xr7g428 »

Pretty much everyone I have tried to call east of the Rockies is in deep snow right now. Probably including you. Now if those cats come with snow blowers and blades then you might get more traction.
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Re: Getting out of Cougars...


Post by jcbingcougar »

Cougrrcj wrote:SERIOUSLY??? Absolutely NO responses in a month??? They're getting scrapped. I don't have time for this $#!7!!!
Your lack of ambition is clearly showing in your advertisement. If you want to sell your stuff, it's going to take some work. Spend some time coming up with a detailed description of each of the cars and include a price. Post some photographs with your ad and don't make people ask for them.

The 71-73 buyers market is small and the sellers market is large. Your ad is going to have to stand out to attract buyers. Rather than getting mad at your potential buyers, take a look at what you have done outside of a single post with minimal information and see if you could do a little more.
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Re: Getting out of Cougars...


Post by Al Bundy »

Maybe this was his marketing plan. Getting mad and swearing at us certainly got the thread going again. :biggrin2:

This seems like a nice group stuff for someone to buy. Unfortunately I am not a fan of the big girls nor do I have the ambition or space to be dragging home any more projects.
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Re: Getting out of Cougars...


Post by canukcat »

I'm in S-W Ontario across the lake from you. I need a 72 parts car to fix my convert. thats hit in the drivers door,quarter and right front fender.
If I can talk a friend into trailering one home from Cleveland, how much do you want for one?

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Re: Getting out of Cougars...


Post by zman »

Anyone know if these cars were sold.
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Re: Getting out of Cougars...


Post by mo2872 »

Yup, that guy, the hooligan.

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Re: Getting out of Cougars...


Post by Cougrrcj »

zman wrote:
17 May 2017, 07:59
Anyone know if these cars were sold.
Nope - the two complete 'parts cars' went to the junkyard. I didn't have the time to be parting them out - not even for my own use! I was under a time crunch for them to be gone and there were no takers. It was a shame, but I had no choice in the matter.

I still have the two Q-code (351C-4V) cougars though.

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Re: Getting out of Cougars...


Post by Bisquot71 »

I have a rust problem with my hardtop roof,on my 1972 mercury cougar xr7.i want to replace it with a good used one ,from a parts car. Do you have one available please contact me at if you can help me.thanks

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