Lower Dash and AC Vent/Duct parts

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Lower Dash and AC Vent/Duct parts


Post by 428cougarguy » 17 Jan 2018, 20:53

Cleaning house and reducing inventory. I have all types of metal lower dashes to move. 1969 with and without AC, and 1970 with and without AC. 1969 and 1970 dashes are different in the steering column area. These dashes will be bare but will include a glove box door and hinge if you need one. They are rust free and damage free originals that will need new paint and general restoration to look new again. Asking $150 for the non-AC type, and $250 for the AC version (which includes both the LH and RH vents and mounting hardware). Much lower than WCCC or reproduction prices! If you need bezel parts, just ask, I will probably throw them in for free! If you want a fully restored metal dash - I can have these media blasted and then painted in the correct charcoal metallic for about $100 more.

For AC cars I also have most of the vent and duct parts as well. For these I general ask 1/2 price of the WCCC price. Sorry - no unbroken AC boxes at this time.

Please keep Taylor Restorations in mind for all your Cougar needs. We have parted out 30+ cougars, and have a large inventory of good used original parts, restored trim and more. We can restore your Cougar back to Day 1 condition, and offer full restoration services, from metal work to suspension, paint, engine/trans rebuilds, etc.

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