Eliminators on the Market (January 2018)

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Re: Eliminators on the Market (January 2018)


Post by Mike_B_SVT » 23 Jan 2018, 18:21

DeadStang wrote:
22 Jan 2018, 23:39
What do we think about this Cougar:

'69 w/ 390, 4-speed. Bright Blue Metallic, Blue Interior. Docs. In OH at Mershons for $39.9k
http://www.mershons.com/vehicle-details ... c905605228
I sent this to another fellah that had asked about 9F91S580679...

While I have not actually seen the Mershon's '69 Eliminator in person, it does look like a fair restoration and would likely make a nice weekend cruiser that you could take to local shows and not be embarrassed by it :-)

Usually I would expect to see an interior code of 5B - which is the Blue decor interior with high-back bucket seats. I've not seen any recorded as 5BA before though. An extra letter or number would indicate a "trim deviation" during assembly at the factory, and is generally something minor, like a different thickness of vinyl material, or different welt thickness on a seat or other component provided by a supplier, and should not be noticable except under close scrutiny. Since the Marti Report shows the same 5BA as the door tag (which appears to be a reproduction), I would think that the car has a legitimate "trim deviation" of some sort. However, for practical purposes, the interior should appear just like any other blue Eliminator interior.

Looking at the pics from Mershons...
- Fuel door appears to have lost all of its color ~ the crest could use restoration or replacement.
- In the engine bay, the fender bolts were painted when the car was resprayed. Easily fixed, but not a sign of quality workmanship, IMO.
- I believe the firewall in the engine bay should be painted black above the pinch-weld, not body color (this was a production change around Apr 22nd, 1969).
- Front grille does not have the correct Eliminator blackout paint scheme. But some folks like more chrome.
- Very nice to see the correct 1969 high back bucket seats, with the latch half way up the side.
- I believe it has the wrong 1969 Cougar 4-speed shift knob and should be brown plastic with simulated wood grain.
- Looks like it is missing the original / correct exhaust manifold heat shield and snorkel S-tube.
- Missing Smog equipment, but that is pretty typical.
- Hood pins were only available from the factory on R-code / CJ cars, but they were an easy dealer or owner add on and don't really detract from the car.
- In the door jamb, the door striker plate is painted, along with the door switch and various bolts that should be unpainted. Again, poor workmanship, IMO.
- Appears to be the correct 1969 Eliminator rear spoiler, but should be verified (should measure approx 31" between the pedestals).
- Probably reproduction seat covers, which would mean the comfortweave material is not quite the same as original - but looks better than shabby old seat trim.

Pics I have of the car from Jan 2017 indicate that the engine has been repainted since then, as well as a good cleanup done of the engine bay. I also have a pic that shows a small tear in the headliner above the driver's seat.

Really though, the car presents very well in the pictures. I'm mostly nit-picking to give you an idea of things that I see that could be improved on, or used as a bargaining tool ;-)

A few items that should be inspected closer...
- Get a good look or good pics of the black camera case dash panels. These are VERY difficult to find a replacement for. Make sure they aren't just woodgrain XR-7 panels painted black.
- Do your best to determine if the engine and trans are VIN-stamped and original to the car.
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Re: Eliminators on the Market (January 2018)


Post by DeadStang » 23 Jan 2018, 20:28

69428SCJ wrote:
23 Jan 2018, 18:09
DeadStang wrote:
22 Jan 2018, 23:39
What do we think about this Cougar:

'69 w/ 390, 4-speed. Bright Blue Metallic, Blue Interior. Docs. In OH at Mershons for $39.9k
http://www.mershons.com/vehicle-details ... c905605228
I had a chance to buy that Eliminator a year ago for $25k this time last year. All original minus a repaint and I believe rear bumper. Ran strong, sounded good, well maintained. The original owner died just over a year ago, and then ownership was transferred to the gentleman I spoke with about the car. Mershon's likes to price their cars high, I've been there quite a few times since I used to live not too far from there. I don't know what they paid for it, but I bet there's a pretty nice markup on it.
Funny -- that's the price in my head. Would never happen from a dealer, tho.

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