1970 428 CJ Drag Pack Non-Eliminator on ebay

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Re: 1970 428 CJ Drag Pack Non-Eliminator on ebay


Post by Socalef9 » 15 Sep 2018, 16:09

Mike_B_SVT wrote:
04 May 2017, 00:12
SeaninSD wrote:
03 May 2017, 20:24
I PM'ed the owner and asked what he wanted for it, this was his response:

"I will have to see what it goes to what I want and what it is worth might be way different if you have questions about it to help you bid you can call me at 818-903-3868"

So I take it that he wants more for it than it's worth :whistle:

Oct 2014
Seller: rooster.517
Location: Stockbridge, MI
Bid to $35.6k (3 bids), reserve not met.

Jan 2015
Relisted and Bid to ~$42k

July 2016
Seller: starautohaus21
Location: Camarillo, CA
(did not record end bid - D'oh!)

May 2017
Relisted on eBay
Seller: starautohaus21
Bid to $20,780 (18 bids), reserve not met.

I seem to recall seeing it on Craigslist at one time as well, for around $50k, iirc.
Dont mean to revive an old thread, but i just saw this car at a car show today. Car currently has a built 428 a rear end, owner says he has original block and diff in storage. Owner said he would take 45k for it with the original drive train and current one in the car.

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