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by Trixie
22 Oct 2018, 14:12
Forum: Site Feedback
Topic: Vendors section
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Re: Vendors section

I will post my two cents here. I would like to maybe see something like what the Concours Mustang Forum site has. They have a Services Offered and a Links section, (only available to members) that can be a good spot for listing reliable vendors/services offered and recommended by fellow enthusiasts ...
by Trixie
21 Aug 2018, 16:38
Forum: Classic Cougar Community Discussion
Topic: In front of shock towe measurement?
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Re: In front of shock towe measurement?

Brian, I looked at the 1969 shop manual, and it has a diagram of some of the underbody dimensions. From that, I took some of the measurements and made a best guess estimate that the dimension between the center lines of the shock towers, should be 33.40 to 33.50" Keep in mind the monte carlo bar mou...
by Trixie
04 Aug 2018, 21:31
Forum: Trivial Pursuit: Cougar Trivia
Topic: Fact or Fiction?
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Fact or Fiction?

Good Evening All, Interested in hearing thoughts about this. I was going thru some boxes of stuff we have laying around as my wife and I are contemplating moving to a different state so I can have a bigger workshop/garage to do some serious work on my cars. Anyway, ran across an April 1986 issue of ...
by Trixie
16 Jul 2018, 17:07
Forum: Classic Cougar Maintenance Restoration and Repair
Topic: C-pillar lights on 69
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Re: C-pillar lights on 69

Hi, For 1969, the courtesy light group included the rear roof pillar lights, the map light and the trunk & engine compartment lights. I don't believe build location had anything to do with it. FWIW, my car, a 69 convertible has the plug for the drivers side light. I've attached a picture of the pass...
by Trixie
11 Jun 2018, 17:04
Forum: Classic Cougar Paint and Body
Topic: Trunk sheetmetal for 1969 Cougar
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Re: Trunk sheetmetal for 1969 Cougar

Yea, it is only about 12 x 16 and was glued to the right side of the tank
Probably used to help support the spare tire.
by Trixie
02 Jun 2018, 20:05
Forum: The Project Forum
Topic: 1969 XR-7 Clock Removal
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Re: 1969 XR-7 Clock Removal

you will need to remove the dash pad to gain access to the clock
keep track of all the screws and where they go
by Trixie
02 Jun 2018, 15:57
Forum: Classic Cougar Paint and Body
Topic: Is there a missing bracket
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Re: Is there a missing bracket

Hi Mike,
That is where the front bumper guard would mount if equipped.
There would be an additional hole on the valance panel to secure
the top edge of the bumper guard.
by Trixie
21 May 2018, 16:38
Forum: Classic Cougar Community Discussion
Topic: Trim Screws
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Trim Screws

Hello All, Anyone know for sure what the correct hardware is that was used for mounting the rear trim panels on a '69 XR7 convertible? I'm talking about the 2 screws and cup washers that were used on the forward flat surfaces of those panels. See the attached picture. This has been driving me nuts f...
by Trixie
16 May 2018, 21:24
Forum: Classic Cougars for Sale
Topic: 1969 Eliminator for Sale
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1969 Eliminator for Sale

Saw this today, a little over priced in my opinion.
by Trixie
25 Apr 2018, 09:16
Forum: Parts Wanted
Topic: 1970 dash screws and clips wanted
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Re: 1970 dash screws and clips wanted

Me too! I consider my memory to be pretty good, but after having the dash out of my '69 for a long time, I can't recall exactly the proper hardware as well. The MPC does not show the hardware used for the dash trim pieces. So, if anyone has good pictures or knows for sure what goes where, it would c...