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by 68PUMA
12 Nov 2018, 11:01
Forum: Classic Cougar Paint and Body
Topic: Dynacorn in January?
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Re: Dynacorn in January?

Last time I spoke to Don from WCCC was roofs by Jan as he understood it. So either way that is great news as I am waiting on a roof. Would take a good to f they have them but not sure about those. Then I need to find someone to install it for me. An y suggestions here in the Northwest? Brian There ...
by 68PUMA
20 Oct 2018, 13:06
Forum: Classic Cougar Community Discussion
Topic: Found R-Code 1968 Cougar Today
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Re: Found R-Code 1968 Cougar Today

So we know there were only 3 GTE 428 CJ cars. However the 428 CJ was available in non gte cars as this one is. How many of those were 4 sp? Any recent sales history on a non GTE 428CJ. No way can this car be compared to a matching numbers GTE There were 48 standards and 16 XR-7's ( 3 were GT-E's as...
by 68PUMA
16 Oct 2018, 19:03
Forum: Classic Cougar Community Discussion
Topic: Robert Harvey (ClassyCat)
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Re: Robert Harvey (ClassyCat)

Oh man, that is sad to hear. I enjoyed following his build and helping answer any questions that I could. RIP Harvey :( Obit added ... ituaryInfo
by 68PUMA
15 Sep 2018, 05:58
Forum: Classic Cougar Maintenance Restoration and Repair
Topic: Vacuum Advance
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Re: Vacuum Advance

My '68 shop manual shows dual with thermactor(without A/C) but doesn't say if with A/C.
by 68PUMA
02 Sep 2018, 16:02
Forum: The Garage
Topic: Not a bad review
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Re: Not a bad review

Don Rush wrote:
02 Sep 2018, 14:32
Can anyone spot the one part from a 68 and one part from a 69?
The console door and the rectangular antenna base.
by 68PUMA
18 Aug 2018, 22:39
Forum: The Garage
Topic: Little Red Shelby Found
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Re: Little Red Shelby Found

I've heard about '69 Mexican Shelbys Randy, here's a link with pics of '69's. It does talk about other years also. ... mexico.htm .
by 68PUMA
06 Aug 2018, 18:22
Forum: Classic Cougar Community Discussion
Topic: Fast Eddie Shartman reunited with his Cougar
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Re: Fast Eddie Shartman reunited with his Cougar

IIRC, this car was at the Dearborn Nationals last year.