Our Goal

The Classic Cougar Community website was started to provide a central point of information gathering for all things Cougar. Our goal is to use this information for the greater good of all Cougar enthusiasts in the hopes of sharing some of our passion and excitement for these great cars.

How You Can Help

Get involved in the community! Help us by sending us information on Cougar or classic automobile events. Better yet, become an editor for the site and assist us with article gathering, editorial production and event coverages. All of the work on this site is done on a volunteer basis, but we find the satisfaction of helping other Community members is more than payment enough. If you are interested in becoming more involved in this site please contact us.

Copyright Information

Please note that although we like to share as much information as possible, we completely understand the desire for privacy and anonymity.

Although we always attempt to obtain prior permission to print images or articles of cars and persons, in our desire to share information with the growing community of Cougar enthusiasts it is  possible that we may post a photograph or make mention of a car or its owner that might bring unwanted attention to that person.

Should you find any information or images on this website that you believe to be inaccurately credited, in violation of some copyright, or that include information about you personally or your classic Cougar that you do not wish to be printed, please contact us immediately to request a change or withdrawal of such information. In order to protect the images and content on this site from being misused by a third party, all images, articles and intellectual property contained within this site are hereby copyrighted by the Classic Cougar Community where said assets are not previously copyrighted by their creator or original photographer, and may not be re-used or recreated in any form without the express written permission of their original creator. All rights reserved.

(Mis)Information and Corrections

As with any subject that spans 40 or more years of history, there are bound to be points of contention and possible misinformation. In light of that, we strongly encourage all persons with interest in these great cars to perform their own research and investigations into the validity and correctness of any given point on this website. Although we always strive to maintain accuracy whenever possible, the Classic Cougar Community site makes no guarantees or assurances regarding the actual validity of any information on this site and accepts absolutely no responsibility or liability for any damages or expenses incurred because of information obtained through this site or its members.