Denver Nationals

Not having the luxury of being able to attend the Colorado Cougar Club’s 2007 National show I’ve been digging around looking for info on the whole thing. A couple of guys posted some pics on MCN (which was cool) but when I stumbled across the official club website and saw all of the great pics they had of the event I was in heaven.

Beautiful cars and uhhh.. guys where did you find all those fine looking young ladies 😉

Seriously though, a big congrats to the CCC and their great nationals show. Stop by their website and check out all the stuff they offer and don’t forget to pick up a DVD of the show for only $15. (Just to clarify the DVD is a slide show of 700 pics from the event plus all the digital photos, not a movie. But it’s s till a great piece of memorabilia) Sounds like a steal to me. The club is also offering a large assortment of 2007 national apparel and you can check it out at the Colorado Cougar Club Order Form.

Thanks for putting on a great show.