Cougar Club of America Update

The Cougar Club of America held an informal meeting at the Carlisle all Ford meet earlier this month.  The result of that meeting has been summarized in this posting from the CCOA website:

Opinion: ClassicCougar Community.Com

The Cougar Community needs more resources, and a healthy active national club is a vital ingredient in the mix.  But the CCOA has not been able to fill this need for the past few years.  For many members, the quarterly club news letter, At the Sign of the Cat, was the main benefit of membership.  The newsletter has not been published in over a year.  The club has also faltered in its ability to provide support for regional and national shows.  Many have questioned whether the club, in accordance with its own bylaws, even continues to exist.

One thing seems certain.  As long as the CCOA continues to cling to its existence. than no other club is likely to be formed to replace it.  Formation of a new club would most likely only result in an unnecessary division of the Cougar Community.

The only action that seems to have arisen from the meeting was the creation of a new position to go along with the other 5 currently unfilled board positions.  How adding this position will help remains to be seen.

It seems to me that the thing the CCOA needs the most right now is to take action.

I posted the following suggestions on the MC.Net site.  Others will have their own suggestions.  Regardless of what steps are taken, the most important thing seems to be taking the first step forward.  I applaud Randy Goodling for just getting the meeting together, and posting the results.

The club is currently unable to produce a printed newsletter. Face up to this fact.

  1. Going forward, all communication from the club will utilize email and online methods.
  2. Remove the promises of a quarterly newsletter form the website.
  3. If enough funds exist to send a post card to all “members” asking for an email address, notify them that no other printed materials are forth coming, and apologize for the lapse in communication.
  4. Suspend the collection of dues. It is unclear what the club can deliver in return for dues. Membership is free. Make it possible for members to make donations. Come clean on the money. Make a copy of the bank statement, black out the account numbers, and post it.
  5. Produce a simple monthly PDF based newsletter to the members even if all it says is “I didn’t have time to do anything more”.
  6. Make decisions.