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Care to Share?

There was a lot of material produced to promote, advertise, and document the Mercury Cougar. Many members of the Community have dealer invoices, training materials, sales manuals, product brochures, and other items that now provide a fascinating look at the cars we love and the times as they were when the cars were manufactured.

In an effort to make these materials available for others to enjoy, we’ve created the Manuals & Literature section of the site, and we’re planning to employ a variety of formats to bring them to the Community on-line.

If you have any materials you’d like to share, let us know what you have.

Chris Farmer’s First Car: 1968 Cougar Standard

1968 Mercury Cougar Standard - Front ViewMy love affair with Cougars started back in 1991. I had always been into classic cars, and as I approached my 16th birthday I started searching for “my car.” I saw many cars I would love to have and looked at a few that were realistic. I looked at ’61 Impalas, Chevelle’s, etc. Finally, my dad pointed out an ad he had seen at work for a 1968 Mercury Cougar. After looking at the car we decided the deal was right and Dad bought the car for me and thus the addiction started.

James Wilson’s 1970 Cougar Eliminator Clone

Confessions of a Cougar-holic

James Wilson's 1970 Mercury Cougar 'Copy Cat'Hi, my name is James and I’m a Cougar-holic. My story, well, I was raised just outside the San Francisco bay area in a small town called Pleasanton, California. At least it was a small town when I lived there. The Good Guys show would start a few years after I left. My father was a sort of car guy. He loved cars, but just never found a car to get passionate about. At one point or another he’s had an Austin Healey, a ’65 GTO ‘vert, a ’67 XKE, and a ’67 GTX. He actually was about to buy a 300SL Gull wing but decided on buying the Austin brand new instead. Unfortunately, I got older and the need for family cars interfered. He was still out there every weekend washing, waxing, and keeping ahead of the maintenance on everything he owned.

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