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Wounded Warrior Project ’68 Mercury Cougar Restoration

1968 Mercury Cougar Warrior Restoration ProjectThe Warriors of the Fort Bliss Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) need your support to complete the restoration of a Classic 1968 Mercury Cougar. Mr. Tony Torango, owner of Body Masters Collision Repair Shop, El Paso, TX graciously donated his facility and his time to guide the Warriors through the restoration process. As you can imagine the restoration is quite extensive. Because of the scope of the project, along with the attention to detail needed, the soldiers must stay focused. This focus has basically served as work therapy allowing them to heal quicker. The project is progressing very nicely but we are near the end and need assistance with parts and funding to finish. Continue reading Wounded Warrior Project ’68 Mercury Cougar Restoration

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Legendary Cougar Magazine is the exclusive classic Mercury Cougar magazine, written by classic Mercury Cougar enthusiasts for classic Mercury Cougar enthusiasts. Production of Volume 2 is now complete. Volume 3 is available for preorder. You can still purchase online access or print copies of all six issues of Volume 1 and Volume 2. Subscribe to Legendary Cougar Magazine now.

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Demystifying the 1967 Cougar Sequential Turn Signals

1967 Cougar Sequential Turn Signal System Troubleshooting Guide CoverWhat would a classic Cougar be without functioning sequential taillights? Frustrating, that’s what.

Classic Cougar Community member coachJack has come to the rescue with his thorough guide “Everything You Wanted To Know About the ’67 Cougar Sequential Taillights.

According to coachJack, he started with Steve Citrone’s “Sequential Signals of the 67/68 Cougar,” which provides comprehensive information about the system. Next, he added the “Sequential Turn Signal And Emergency Flasher Systems” which contains essential information, working diagrams, wiring diagrams and a troubleshooting flowchart. He then used Vic Yarnberry’s “Sequential Turn Signal Troubleshooting Guide” for the turn signal switch circuitry and troubleshooting. Last but not least, he read through numerous posts on the Mercury Cougar forum and the Classic Cougar forum, gleaning what additional information he could and integrating it into the document. He found Greg Murphy’s (devildog) format in which associated relays, their function, location, and indications of failure are described particularly helpful, so he incorporated that as well as adding additional notes, wiring information, and testing procedures for both off and on the car.

As you can see, the PDF file contains bookmarks and a handy table of contents for ease of navigation.

This was a huge effort and a great contribution to the community. Thanks, coachJack!

Help Save the Ford Highland Park Plant

Ford Highland Park Project Fact SheetOn October 17, 1913, Henry Ford launched the first moving automotive assembly line at the Ford Highland Park Plant, the birthplace of modern industrial mass production.

Line workers earned $5 per day, twice the average industrial wage at the time, and sufficient to allow the workers to purchase the product they produced, the Ford Model T. The American middle class was born.

The beautiful buildings comprising the Ford Highland Park Plant were dubbed the “Crystal Palace” due to the openness and natural light afforded by the huge windows. Many of the buildings still stand near the corner of Woodward Avenue and Manchester in Highland Park, Michigan. The site has been named a National Historic Site, but up to now, there has been no public access. Until now.

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Northern California and Stray Cats Cougar Clubs’ 17th Annual Car Show & Picnic

Northern California & Stray Cats Cougar Clubs 17th Annual Car Show and PicnicIt was a great day to get together, the weather was perfect for bringing the cats out. Several attendees drove for more than an hour to attend. Set up began at 9:30 in the morning as slowly the members found their way to the Sycamore Picnic area. Ernie, as in years past, did an amazing job organizing the event. He was the first to arrive and began unloading his car with the various items he picked up, anticipating the arrival of help to set up the covered picnic area soon. Michael Dugan and Gavin Schlesinger met in San Ramon, California to drive down to Cupertino together.

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Unicorn Found: The Cougar That Couldn’t Exist, Does

They never installed a 427 in anything but a GT-E in 1968. Except when they did…

Okay, so what if I told you that there was this guy who says there was a ’68 XR7–that’s not a GT-E–built with a factory W-code 427 (impossible), has factory Whisper Aire® Air Conditioning (not available with a 427), painted white (of course, all unicorns are white…), and that it was ordered by a dealer in Texas for a retail customer, built on the assembly line, and it may still be in the hands of the original owner?


I’ll bet you a beer that I’m not making this up. Make it two beers if you are really confident I am full of horse pucky.

The story begins many years ago. Rumors of a W-code XR7 begin to circulate. Story has it that it is a GT-E that is minus trim. Even the slightest chance of finding another lost GT-E is always worth checking out. It turns out that several guys claim to have seen the car, but no one can pin it down. A trip to where the car is said to be located finds no car, and only the remains of what may have been a house. Over time, the story fades to black, and the forgotten, missing, maybe-a-GT-E, fades from memory.

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What’s New in the Forums?

We are using an open source program called phpBB to support the forum. This does lots of great things for us. First of all, open source software can be modified to meet our purposes. We aren’t stuck with the way the developers’ believe things should work. We also benefit from the thousands of other users’ experience and efforts in extending the basic software by developing code that adds features–called “mods” with phpBB–so the Forum does more and we don’t have to spend our hard-earned money paying for it. Since phpBB is also on an open license, we don’t have to pay for the software license, and even more important, all of the constant upgrades and support fees. And here is the real kicker: the most popular paid software is actually based on phpBB! So we get all of the good stuff, and we can put the money into better, faster hosting and things that make a difference for the users.

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New Forums at ClassicCougarCommunity.Com

Like to talk Cougars?  Be sure to check out the new forums added to this site.

The forum is run by and for Cougar enthusiasts.  Our main focus is making this the best place for Cougar hobbyists, not advertisers.   You have to be a bit of a web geek to fully understand what this means, but we think everyone will find the results speak for themselves.

Lets take a short tour of the new forums.  Whether you are a forum newby, or a million post master, we think you will find a few things to like.

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MercuryCougar.Net Under New Ownership

Here is what we learned today on MecuryCougar.Net:


You may have noticed the server downtime yesterday. Today marks the dawn of a new day at I have, effective today, transferred ownership of to Vertical Scope. is now part of the automotive family of websites owned by Vertical Scope. This is a great thing for the members. You will soon be introduced to Helena Ciardullo. She will be the new administrator for going forward.

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Can TCCN (The Classic Cougar Network) Rise from the Grave Again?

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…

Many of us didn’t fully appreciate the TCCN until it was no longer available. TCCN had become, for many users, the best place to learn about our classic Cougars and to get the technical information needed to fix the most common problems.  And even if your car didn’t have a problem today it served as a wonderful place to while away the hours thinking about all of the things you might someday want to do to your Cougar.

After doing a complete revamp of the site several years ago, when TCCN officially became TCCN II,  Steve Eitzen knew exactly what he faced if he tried to bring the site up to a more modern standard once again.  Faced with such a huge task, he made the decision to shutter the site.  Steve has let it be known that he might be willing to entertain serious offers if someone or some group were willing to purchase the site.

Putting a price on something like this is challenging.  I suspect that given the depth of the site, and the number of photographs and the amount of research that was involved, that the site could not be duplicated, no matter what the budget was.  However, the number we are hearing is around $20,000, and that would include pretty much everything Cougar-related that Steve has to offer.

So I put the question to the Cougar Community:  What would it be worth to YOU to have TCCN back online?  You can tell us what you think by voting in the poll at right.

The devil is in the details…  I suspect many of you are thinking about the who, what, when, and where, and I have to admit that there is no fully developed plan.  I think all of us are smarter than any one of us so let’s hear your ideas.  Since I am the one putting this out there here are a few ideas to kick things off.

First of all, I would personally guarantee that the site would be up and available by pre-paying hosting for the first 5 years.  Should I ever fail to be able to host the site, the material would be transferred to the Cougar Club of America or some other group who could provide hosting.  I would be very happy to work with anyone that has a better idea for how the community at large could retain ownership.

  • Donors would all be listed on an honor roll.
  • Major donors (>=$100?)  would also get a plaque to signify their contribution.
  • I can also envision window stickers, or dash plaques for other donors.
  • I think that I can do a little arm twisting to get at least one of the Cougar parts vendors to provide a discount (5% on purchases over $100?) to major donors.

What else can we do to honor those that have supported the site?

The site would continue to be independent; that is, the URL would remain exactly as it is today.  It would not become a part of this or any other site.

So what are your ideas?  Is it worth even attempting to save it?  You can comment here, or in the forums on