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390 Engines

The 390 in³, with 389.6 in³ or 6.4 L true displacement, had a bore of 4.05 in (103 mm) and stroke of 3.78 in (96 mm). It was the most common FE engine in later applications, used in many Ford cars as the standard engine as well as in many trucks. It was a popular high-performance engine[1]; although not as powerful as the 427 and 428 models, it provided good performance, particularly in the lighter weight vehicles, and was in much greater supply. The 390cid 2v is rated at 265 bhp (198 kW) @ 4,100 rpm.

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428 Engines

Ford combined attributes that had worked well in previous incarnations of the FE: a 3.98 in stroke and a 4.13 in bore, creating an easier-to-make engine with nearly the same displacement. The 428 engine used a cast nodular iron crankshaft and was externally balanced.

Standard 428 in³ FE engines were fitted to Galaxies (badged simply as ‘7 Litre’) and Thunderbirds in the 1966 and 1967 model years.

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427 Engines

Cylinder heads used on the W-code 427 through (about) mid-to-late Jan 1968 were casting # C8AE-6090-J and are supposedly the most difficult to find.

C8OE-6090-N cast heads were used after Ford ceased using the J heads.

Intake manifold casting is C7AE-9425-F. It is cast aluminum and also known as the Police Interceptor intake due to its use on thousands of Ford/Mercury 428 Police Interceptor engines.
— Source – Royce Peterson

The most prominent date for a production GT-E engine was July, 1967. There are some known originals from August and September of ’67. Certainly once you get into ’68 all the ones I’ve seen have been service replacements, rather than regular production.
— Source – Jim Pinkerton

All 427 side oilers made after about June 1967 were drilled for hydraulic lifters.
— Source Royce Peterson

Basore Bash 2008

Thanks a million to Bill for getting me the photos from the latest get together hosted at his place in Fountain Hills AZ. I know a few people are missing from the pictures but it looks like a great time was had by all. If anyone has any stories to share or discuss about the gathering I believe there is a discussion thread ongoing on the MCN forums.

Consider this fair warning that any stories I see may make their way here 🙂 Photos compliments of Bill Basore.

Bill had this to add:

It was great to see so many of the friends we have made in the Cougar hobby.  The Barrett Jackson auction serves as a great excuse to come enjoy a little Arizona sunshine and talk Cougars.  It sure is nice to have a whole garage full of people who think owning 6 40 year old cars is not only normal, but also a good thing.

It is not unusual for us to have a few folks drop in early in the week, and this year was no exception.  Wayne B was in from Canada for his regular winter golf holiday and we got to talk about his GT-E and G cars.  Craig Keith came by along with his wife and a few friends.  Craig has amazing taste in Cougars.  As it turns out, both his G and his GT-E are exactly the same color interior and exterior as mine; man he has great taste in cars…  Which is also cool because the folks from Sun Star have selected his G car to be the model for their latest Cougar model release.

How many of the folks in the picture can you guys name?

Basore Bash 2008

Basore Bash 2008

Basore Bash 2008

Mid-Atlantic Prowl: June 6-8, 2008

Add it to your Blackberrys and day timers. It’s the big one. Check out the post by Steve on the forums.

“Now is the time to make your hotel reservations for the Mid-Atlantic Prowl. The Cougar Club of New Jersey & Pennsylvania and the Delmarva Cougar Club will be hosting the show again this year with . This show is held as part of the All Ford Show at Carlisle. Most of the Cougars will be staying at the Hotel Carlisle, formerly the Clarion, and before that the Embers. AAA has the best rate. There are currently rooms available. Rooms go fast, so make your reservation now. You can always change your mind later. We had looked at other hotels, but the rates were significantly higher. Please register early for the show with Carlisle Productions.”

Check out the MCN forum thread and take lots of pictures. I’m sure we are all going to love seeing some of those great East coast rides.

Data Pages

The first phase of data pages for our classic Cougars are now up and running. Check out the growing amount of data for the 1967 model year. This is however just a drop in the bucket and only the beginning of data assimilation for the site.

So much of the data available for our fine vehicles is handed down by word of mouth, community forums and old Internet sites that can disappear at any time. We need community members to step in and assist us in building up the data on this site and fill in some of the missing links.

Can you help us in our quest to gather all of the Cougar data we can find?

We are looking for information to add to the site and people to do the additions. If you would like to submit content to the site on a more casual basis please feel free to contact us, but if you would like to take a more active roll in editing and maintaining some of the model year information in the community we would like to hear from you. Alot of the work we have done on this new site involved making it easy for everyday people to work on and update without having to know any Internet programming or coding languages.

If you would be interested in being a part of maintaining this site or have questions regarding any other fields you might be able to assist us in please contact us. Many hands make light work and currently it’s a lot for one set of shoulders.

Please also note that I am desperately seeking copies of official documentation from each of the classic cats model years. Things like sales brochures, original receipts, order sheets, build sheets etc are all greatly helpful as we put together alot of our info. All we require are pictures of the documents, not the documents themselves or hard-copy scans of them. Anything that will assist us with hard proof of standard package items, delete options, feature options etc are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in supporting and growing our great passion.
Mark MacPherson

Cougar Eliminator

Mercury introduced the Eliminator in April 1969. The Eliminator came with a range of engines, from the Trans Am-inspired solid-lifter 302-cid small block to the 428-cid Cobra Jet big block.

© 2007 Publications International, Ltd.; Mercury Cougar received its first restyle for 1969, and Mercury answered the Boss 302 and Mach 1 Mustangs with the striped-and-spoilered Eliminator.
©: 2007 Publications International, Ltd. The 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator blended American muscle car attributes with an upscale European flair.

The 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator Specifications
Wheelbase, inches: 111.0
Weight, lbs: 3,780
Base price: $3,500

Top Available Engine
Type: ohv V-8
Displacement, cid: 428
Fuel system: 1 x 4 bbl.
Compression ratio: 10.6:1
Horsepower @ rpm: 335 @ 5200
Torque @ rpm: 440 @ 3400

Representative Performance
0-60 mph, sec: 5.6
1/4 mile, sec @ mph: 14.1 @ 103

Dan Gurney Special

Dan Gurney specials were produced for the 1967 and 1968 model years only. They were promoted by Dan Gurney who signed a sponsorship deal with Mercury for the 1967 Trans Am racing season. The DGS option included a chrome engine dress-up kit, “turbine wheel covers” and a sticker on the rear passenger (needs to be confirmed it was passenger side please) side window. The chrome engine dress up kit consisted of a chrome air cleaner lid, dipstick and valve covers. All of these items were available as dealer installed options for both model years and today the only real way to be sure of having a real DGS car is to get your Marti report from Marti Autoworks.

DGS Production Numbers

  • 1967 – 19,783
  • 1968 – 11,900

Please note: DGS cars are completely separate from XR7-Gs. The XR7 G is a different beast entirely. Where as the DGS was mainly a dress-up option the XR7-G cars are rare performance monsters. To this day there are still people who confuse the two designations.