And in the Beginning: Redux

It’s not April Fool’s Day, but…

1967 Cougar Introduction ProgramA little over two years ago, in an article entitled “And in the Beginning,” we brought you the story of the 1967 Mercury Cougar Introduction Program, making the Program available in a PDF download. The response was mostly positive, but we did receive a number of complaints about the size of the entire file. We split the file into parts to make it easier to download, but it was not exactly what we call “convenient for viewing.”

Now that we have a new–and hopefully better–method of displaying such documents, we’ve revived the Program and added it to the growing list of Cougar manuals and literature hosted on the site. Be sure to read the original article “And in the Beginning” if you haven’t seen it already, and have a look at the 40th Anniversary Mercury Cougar Introduction Program as presented in the Cascade Cougar Club Newsletter “The Prowler” in 2006.