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Can TCCN (The Classic Cougar Network) Rise from the Grave Again?

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…

Many of us didn’t fully appreciate the TCCN until it was no longer available. TCCN had become, for many users, the best place to learn about our classic Cougars and to get the technical information needed to fix the most common problems.  And even if your car didn’t have a problem today it served as a wonderful place to while away the hours thinking about all of the things you might someday want to do to your Cougar.

After doing a complete revamp of the site several years ago, when TCCN officially became TCCN II,  Steve Eitzen knew exactly what he faced if he tried to bring the site up to a more modern standard once again.  Faced with such a huge task, he made the decision to shutter the site.  Steve has let it be known that he might be willing to entertain serious offers if someone or some group were willing to purchase the site.

Putting a price on something like this is challenging.  I suspect that given the depth of the site, and the number of photographs and the amount of research that was involved, that the site could not be duplicated, no matter what the budget was.  However, the number we are hearing is around $20,000, and that would include pretty much everything Cougar-related that Steve has to offer.

So I put the question to the Cougar Community:  What would it be worth to YOU to have TCCN back online?  You can tell us what you think by voting in the poll at right.

The devil is in the details…  I suspect many of you are thinking about the who, what, when, and where, and I have to admit that there is no fully developed plan.  I think all of us are smarter than any one of us so let’s hear your ideas.  Since I am the one putting this out there here are a few ideas to kick things off.

First of all, I would personally guarantee that the site would be up and available by pre-paying hosting for the first 5 years.  Should I ever fail to be able to host the site, the material would be transferred to the Cougar Club of America or some other group who could provide hosting.  I would be very happy to work with anyone that has a better idea for how the community at large could retain ownership.

  • Donors would all be listed on an honor roll.
  • Major donors (>=$100?)  would also get a plaque to signify their contribution.
  • I can also envision window stickers, or dash plaques for other donors.
  • I think that I can do a little arm twisting to get at least one of the Cougar parts vendors to provide a discount (5% on purchases over $100?) to major donors.

What else can we do to honor those that have supported the site?

The site would continue to be independent; that is, the URL would remain exactly as it is today.  It would not become a part of this or any other site.

So what are your ideas?  Is it worth even attempting to save it?  You can comment here, or in the forums on

But Wait,There’s More: The Dealer Guide

Even then, they knew just how to play you. If the 1968 Mercury Cougar didn’t have you searching your couch cushions for pennies, the Dealer Guide would.

1968 Mercury Cougar Dealer GuideIt’s 1968. You’re standing in front of the Lincoln-Mercury dealership. The gas station on the corner is in the midst of a “gas war” with a station down the street; premium is going for 19.9 cents a gallon. Your palms are sweaty. You take a deep breath and walk through the door of the dealership, telling the salesman who meets you at the door that you’re interested in a new Mercury Cougar.

Two hours later, he’s told you all he knows about the model on the showroom floor. He’s had to pry your fingers off the wheel at the end of a long test drive, and he can tell by the gleam in your eyes that he’s got you just where he wants you. He sits you down at his desk, and with a flourish, he produces…the Dealer Guide. A showroom model will no longer suffice. You’re ready to forfeit your soul for a custom-configured Cougar if they’d only show you where to sign.

Click on the image above to view a flipping-page version of the Mercury Cougar section of the Dealer Guide, or download the Cougar section of the Dealer Guide in PDF format here. Be sure to check out the photos of the Mercury Cougar interior color section of the Dealer Guide in the Classic Cougar Community photo gallery.