1970 Cougar 351C Rebuild

Make your Cougar run faster, handle better, and jump higher... okay maybe not jump higher. If you feel the need for speed, this is the place.
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Re: 1970 Cougar 351C Rebuild


Post by 7TXR7 » 10 Jun 2018, 12:55

canted 393 wrote:
08 Mar 2018, 06:26
Try Brent http://www.lykinsmotorsports.com/
He can do custom carbs [ I have 3 from him] and cams. A 351c is a different animal and a custom cam shaft will make a big difference.
intake manifold, look at an edelbrock rpm airgap
headers, www.fordpowertrain.com,very high quality but spendy.
These are just some suggestions to show you whats out there, good luck. Dan
I can vouch for Brent at Lykin motorsports, its where I got my cam and Quickfuel carb from.
I also run an Eddy RPM airgap and its a very good intake. My heads are 4V so a bit different, get rid of the stock valves and put in a set of decent single groove valves and all the machining to go with it as was said previously.
As for gears with a cleveland likes gears, I run 3:50 now and am going to 3:89 as it still seems not as snappy as I'd like. You most likely have a 9" rear with 3:00 or 2:73 gears in it.
As said earlier only take out as much as needed to clean the cylinders up. I'm not familliar with what the 2V heads have as far as open chamber or closed but that will determine pistons to get the right compression ratio you want, I have 4V closed chamber run forged flats which is about 10.5:1 and run 94 octane Chevron with no issues at all.
Its not going to be a cheap build but worth it when done right.

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