67 versus 68 seats

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67 versus 68 seats


Post by JETEXAS » 12 Sep 2018, 09:00

Well, a year ago when I started my 67 standard project, I got a bit ahead of myself and ended up with 68 Decor door panels and rear interior panels. They're in much better condition in comparison to my 67 interior, so while I know it's incorrect, I'm switching it out. However, that leaves me with color issue in regard to the seats.

If I recover the seats with the 67 standard red, they're going to be very bright and red compared to the more maroon 68 door panels. However, if I use the 68 decor seat covers, I think I may have some issues in regard to them fitting my 67 seat frames.

My question is, how much difference is there between the 67 and 68 seats, and can I use 68 decor covers on my 67 frames? What additional things would I need to purchase or do to make them work? Would I be better off finding 68 frames that already have the latch mechanism, etc. if I was going that route?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: 67 versus 68 seats


Post by CATHOUSE » 12 Sep 2018, 18:38

I do not think that you would have any real problems using the 68 covers on 67 seats. I think that they are the same size and that the only real difference is the seat back latch and release lever. As long as the new covers do not already have a hole cut into them for the release lever I think that you will be fine.

If you do decide to look for a pair of 68 seats one reason would be the safety factor. I know of one person who ended up in a wheelchair due to being rear ended while driving a 66 Mustang. The seats are like your 67, no seat back latches. When he got hit the seat back pushed forward causing spinal cord damage. Just something to think about, especially since being 100% original is not important to you.

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Re: 67 versus 68 seats


Post by 19cougar68 » 13 Sep 2018, 07:40

The 68 seat frames are built much stronger and improved over the 67 frames. In addition to the seat back latch they used thick folded metal in the bases and back to stiffen and strengthen the frames. The 67 frames were made from tubes and were prone to breakage. I believe you will find that seat back frame is slightly thicker due to the seat latch mechanism and strengthened frame. However I agree with Randy, the 68 seat covers will work on a 67 seat frames but you may have to add some additional foam to fill out the covers.

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Re: 67 versus 68 seats


Post by Royce » 13 Sep 2018, 13:44

If you used '68 standard foam pads then you would be OK. The '68 seats use a similar frame other than the seat back locking, but there is more padding in the '68.
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