G no sale at Mecum Austin

There were only 619 XR7-Gs built. They were built along side the Shelby Mustang, and were available with every engine and transmission offered in 1968, (except the 427). This was the first Cougar to be a part of the Hertz Rent a Racer program. If you have any information about these rare cats, this is the place to share. The XR7-G registry is maintained by Royce Peterson.
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Re: G no sale at Mecum Austin


Post by 68CJ428CAT » 27 Apr 2017, 22:00

I will echo what Royce said after looking at the car as a prospective purchase. The car needs a complete restoration to include replacement of both rear quarters, which were not done correctly and with bondo. The interior is sun beat, but complete, the engine is tired, lifter noise, along with leaks, and other problems. The car was hit on the drivers front and there is unrepaired damage to the inside engine compartment, which he stated he did not know about, but explains why the entire front headlight system was replaced and the G emblem was not put in the proper place. Almost all chrome was dented and will need to be replaced. The trunk area needed some attention as well. The exhaust tips were reproduction. However, the sunroof did work, which is always a plus. It did have the dealer installed rear antenna. This is why I believe the car did not do well along with some of the other comments from all above. The owner was very receptive to my comments, but I think he was dead set on a high selling price. I would think the car should go for around 19-22K, but that's just my opinion.
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Re: G no sale at Mecum Austin


Post by Blitz » 28 Apr 2017, 18:13

This is interesting, especially the debate on how color affects value. If the car needs to have bodywork done (sounds like it definitely does) then a color change is a no-brainer IMO. Usually you want collectible cars to be all original, but beige sucks. I don't think prospective buyers would be at all put off if it was changed to a more attractive color.
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Re: G no sale at Mecum Austin


Post by ClawIt » 29 Apr 2017, 10:00

Hundreds of 67/68 Shelbys that went from lime gold/medium green to some other color usually red.

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Re: G no sale at Mecum Austin


Post by JcodeG » 06 Sep 2017, 19:51

I agree. The early Shelby's were beyond cool, but IMO, 1st generation Cougars were the best looking cars on the road, and the XR7-G has no equal. I'd never put "Shelby" in front of "Cougar" to create interest for a sale. Just my opinion.

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