1968 GTE C-6 trans. Dipstick length, part#?

The GT-E was only available for a few brief months in 1968. Total production would not have kept the assembly line busy for more than a half day. If you know anything about a GT-E, it is important, and this is the place to share it. The GT-E registry is maintained by Jim Pinkerton.
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1968 GTE C-6 trans. Dipstick length, part#?


Post by 7.0 Litre Kid » 27 May 2018, 08:42

Can someone give me the correct length for the 68 GTE “ original “ dipstick for the C-6 transmission?

My low mileage GTE is 19 1/2 approximately, with no part # stamped.
Everything else I measured including the 2 1970 with C-6’s are approximately 23 1/4 to 23 3/4 .
I realize it’s dependent on tube length.

also I’ve noticed the trans go after market replacements sticks are the same (23”) .
If someone could verify I’d be appreciative.

There must be a measurement “distance “ that the dipstick hangs below the tube when inserted fully.



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Re: 1968 GTE C-6 trans. Dipstick length, part#?


Post by TomL » 01 Jun 2018, 08:50

It should be identical to the '68 S and X code C6. Royce will know this.
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