67/68 Shock Replacement Recommendations

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67/68 Shock Replacement Recommendations


Post by COUGRR » 07 Nov 2018, 21:00

I'm looking to replace the shocks on my 68 Vert. I don't want super stiff shocks that feel every pebble on the road and I don't want my cat bouncing all over the place either. I was thinking maybe Koni or KYB. I am requesting recommendations from the Cougar Community. Tell me what you are running on your 67/68 cat and what you think about how they ride. All opinions are appreciated.
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Re: 67/68 Shock Replacement Recommendations


Post by Royce » 08 Nov 2018, 07:31

Gabriel makes an excellent shock that looks much like the originals. Monroe produces an excellent shock that is bright yellow. Either of these are available at local auto part stores for around $25 each. NAPA sells a house branded shock for about the same price.

I personally like the Koni shocks best. They are around $100 each, and can be adjusted anywhere from regular to extra firm.

I had a KYB gas adjust shock fail while driving my Cougar to the CCOA Nationals one year. Only time I have ever had a shock failure.
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Re: 67/68 Shock Replacement Recommendations


Post by DaveK » 08 Nov 2018, 09:57

Here was a long discussion about shocks from a while back.


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Re: 67/68 Shock Replacement Recommendations


Post by 1970puma » 08 Nov 2018, 11:12

Cost a little more, but I went with Koni on a 70 Cougar with good results.

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Re: 67/68 Shock Replacement Recommendations


Post by leonbray » 08 Nov 2018, 14:17

Are the rear Koni's still available? Local distributor said they have been discontinued
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Re: 67/68 Shock Replacement Recommendations


Post by Steve68Cougar » 08 Nov 2018, 19:31

I put Koni shocks on mine. I used the Mustang part numbers both front and rear, but added extensions on the rear ones. I have very few miles on them, but so far everything has worked alright. I had the same question last year and there was a pretty lengthy discussion on it at that point, too. I ended up going with Koni because they are typically a higher quality shock. The extensions put them at about the same length as the stock Cougar shocks. There was minimal difference in travel, so my only real concern is that they don't bend due to the extensions. They should be alright, but any time you modify something there is always a chance that something won't work quite like you expected.
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