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Re: Hello!


Post by Mistress » 14 Mar 2018, 09:40

Nice looking car and really looking forward to seeing how you do it! You will find lots of help here, also nice to see the big cats coming out!

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Re: Hello!


Post by 71cougar429scj » 14 Mar 2018, 23:27

Thanks all, for the warm welcome!

I've been looking for a home for my 429SCJ motor for about a year. I stumbled across this car on Facebook when I joined a Cougar group. The proportions of the Cougar vs. the Mustang sure favor the Cougar, as the Cougar's front overhang seems to be less, and the rear overhang seems to be more. The Cougar looks a little more balanced than the Mustang of the same 71-73 vintage.

I picked it up on Saturday, and drove it home from Mesa, AZ to San Diego. It rode just fine. I am having some difficulty getting used to 4 wheel DRUM brakes again, not having such equipment since the mid-90's in a 66 Fairlane GTA. I'm thinking a 4 wheel disc brake conversion is in my future, because it sure takes some planning to stop a car with 4 wheel drums.

I'm going to put ram air on it. Anyone have a spare scoop? If it's white already, that would be a plus.

I already found and bought a 71 Mustang/Cougar 429CJ driver's side exhaust manifold on eBay, even before I saw the car! Yay! The passenger side exhaust should be a little easier, as it's common to the Torino. I'm also looking for one driver's side 429 factory aluminum valve cover. It's the one with the twist notches.

I just signed up for the Knotts show April 15. Anyone else going? This will be my third different Ford car to attend! The others were a 72 Pinto and a 65 Sunbeam Tiger Mk1.

San Diego area

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