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Re: Tired


Post by wish » 13 Mar 2018, 10:52

But since they don't come with a warning label, not everyone knows they do have documented traction issues.
Indeed I never would have guessed it after starting autocross in the BFG-R1 era I would've guessed them to be a modern compound and driven as such. Thanks for the tip.

Not sure if I need tires yet or not as I don't know how old mine are so watching this thread.

I loved the original BFG All-Terrain's on my truck and Jeeps, but the KOs quickly developed death-wobble issues well before the tire actually wore out, now to find this about the T/A has me looking for decent tires/brand again.
Just my $.02
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Re: Tired


Post by zray » 13 Mar 2018, 10:59

About 20 years ago I was using the BFG Traction T/A in 14" size. Those were really a great tire. So I know BFG knows how to make a decent tire for vintage cars. They just don't care about the performance side of this market anymore


PS. now I'm completely enamored with the 15" Avon CR6ZZ tires .they have everything you'd want in a performance tire

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