Have you driven your Cougar today?

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Have you driven your Cougar today?


Post by 1967 S Code » 16 Aug 2015, 13:39

It was a nice day today so I took the Cougar out for a ride. I snapped a couple of pictures of the ride and when I got home.





It was a nice Sunday drive. Did you drive your Cougar today?

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Re: Have you driven your Cougar today?


Post by G68 » 16 Aug 2015, 15:34

No, but I test drove a BMW Z4 Convertible for my aunt in Tennessee...the car was sweet. Probably worth the 5 hour drive she will have if she buys it.
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Re: Have you driven your Cougar today?


Post by 1969XR7Vert » 16 Aug 2015, 15:41

I drove mine yesterday and today, cruise night last night and car show today. Show season kicks into high-gear right about now in my area.
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Re: Have you driven your Cougar today?


Post by CatsRock » 16 Aug 2015, 16:24

Drove mine earlier in the week, missed the sat nite cruise in due to rain. Buts its summer in Fl so pretty much rains every afternoon :lol: Did manage to get a round of golf in wednesday tho :smoke:
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Re: Have you driven your Cougar today?


Post by Yorgle » 16 Aug 2015, 16:58

No, dammit!
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Re: Have you driven your Cougar today?


Post by yellacat1 » 16 Aug 2015, 17:51

yep .bloomsburg nationals by carlise productions was this weekend.
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Re: Have you driven your Cougar today?


Post by berns68 » 16 Aug 2015, 20:51

No, we had storms in the area yesterday so the wife and I joined the neighbors in their pool and and killed 1-1/2 bottles of Silver Patron. Needless to say I didn't attend any of the car shows in my neck of the woods today. :mrgreen:

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Re: Have you driven your Cougar today?


Post by badcatt » 16 Aug 2015, 21:11

I took myself out for dinner this evening. GInger was happy to go along.
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Re: Have you driven your Cougar today?


Post by 69XR7Ragtop » 17 Aug 2015, 06:29

No, but I drove her to work twice last week in 100 degree temps with the top down. Got a bit of a sun burn, but it was soooo worth it. 8-)

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Re: Have you driven your Cougar today?


Post by mo2872 » 17 Aug 2015, 08:17

Nope......still working on an engine swap.......dangit.
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