1971 Convertible

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1971 Convertible


Post by JDR » 04 Nov 2018, 14:56


(I am trying to get pictures posted but having issues)
To see more pictures please go to: https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/cto/d/ ... 06943.html)

Marti Reported:
One of One



Remember Me?
I'm not like any of my misunderstood siblings! I've always been the stand out, one of a kind, dare to be different bad ass big CAT! That's right: Let's check some boxes
-Original Competition Yellow exterior
-Factory black and white comfort weave upholstery "very good condition and extremely supple"
-Original top "works perfect, and fit's like your favorite pair of blue jeans"
-Factory front disks
-Factory dual exhaust
-Factory A/C
-Factory 9" rear with 3.00 gears

Now here is the best part - Professionally rebuilt, numbers match, original MCode, high output 351 Cleveland 4V with original C6 - THAT'S RIGHT, local hot rod shop Tubby's commissioned Jimmy Cope Race Cars (a well respected 351C guru) for engine build and transmission was overhauled at the same time. Tubby's did the installation.

I run, drive, start and stop amazing! Extremely smooth running engine with a great stock exhaust note. By the way, 4V means 4 barrel carburetor also rebuilt and original.

People - I'm hiding nothing!! My current enthusiast owner has recently refreshed me considerably, but I still present as original and unrestored, AND THAT'S THEY WAY WE LIKE IT! And if you're cool, then you will too. Seriously, I'm hiding nothing. I have had one repaint, possibly just a partial, but I've always been original color. My original floors are in very good condition, and pictures and videos are available. I have always lived in Florida and have very little signs of salt corrosion. Frame and important structure is remarkable clean, straight and solid.

But being a Florida native the sun has given me some spots. Like pocket change size spots of rust in typical areas, rockers and areas of mild road rash. Some putty in one hip, but nothing to cause alarm. COME ON NOW, I'M 47 YEARS OLD. My chrome and trim is all in place but has lost some luster. Remember? The sun spots!

My rims are factory Ford racing 17" with new Cooper ZEON RS3-R tires. These tires are made in the USA and ride fantastic. My rear seat has been removed and replaced with a rugged vinyl upholstered luggage friendly custom tray. But my excellent original matching rear seat is included. My carpet and important weather seals are new. I have super cool 3" competition seatbelts. A modern Bluetooth stereo and an original fully restored center console is included. I'M NOT A PROJECT, I PRESENT VERY WELL. I'M A REAL MUSCLE CAR AND WHEN YOU STRAP IN AND LOOK DOWN MY HUGE HOOD, YOU'LL GET IT!
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Re: 1971 Convertible


Post by katnip302 » 04 Nov 2018, 15:43

Exhausting... all of :roll: "that" :roll: without photos or asking price. :?:

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Re: 1971 Convertible


Post by thunderchero » 04 Nov 2018, 15:46

katnip302 wrote:
04 Nov 2018, 15:43
Exhausting... all of :roll: "that" :roll: without photos or asking price. :?:

already talked about here

I miss hearing my kittens roaring....

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Re: 1971 Convertible


Post by katnip302 » 04 Nov 2018, 15:50

thunderchero wrote:
04 Nov 2018, 15:46
already talked about here
I see... thanks for connecting the dots. :thumbup:

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